Joining  Coco and Deborah for the March Ultimate Coffee Date.  I actually do wish we were having coffee together, perhaps with some Baileys, after a nice long run.

If we were having coffee….

I would tell you… that although I fear that I’ve injured my hip badly and may not be able to run the half marathon tomorrow, I’m quite happy with how my training for the Chilly Half went. When I first won race entry way back at the beginning of November, running was a huge struggle, but I put together a training plan and followed it diligently. I completed a RunBet in November, and another one in January. For 16 weeks I consistently ran 4 times a week, with some weeks running 5 times. I built up my mileage from barely being able to run 5k, to two 18k long runs!

I’m so happy that I met my goals:

  • to train consistently
  • to get back into the training mindset
  • to run hard on hard days, and run easy on easy days

I was doing great until my last speed workout two weeks ago – after that everything hurt, especially my left shin and my right hip. I stubbornly stuck with a RunBet I was doing for another week and painfully ran for 30 minutes four times that week. I’ve taken the past week and a half off to recover and I’m optimistic that I can run the race on Sunday – if I can’t then so be it – my goal was to prove to myself that 43 isn’t too old to train and I’ve accomplished that.

If we were having coffee….

I would share with you… my January and February mileage – I’m actually quite proud of the fact that I ran over 100km both months! These were my two highest mileage months in a few years (hence how I’ve ended up injured).

If we were having coffee….

I would tell you…. that I’ve already begun thinking about how I’m going to continue my training momentum and maintain the fitness I’ve built over the past 16 weeks. I’ve not only begun thinking about how I can continue to fit training in with our crazy sports schedule (OMG! Why do my daughters have to join every single sports team? Hockey, fast pitch, volleyball, and basketball! We’re going NUTS trying to drive them everywhere!), but also how I can train smarter. Training at 43 is different than training at 25 – those 18 years do make a difference. It is so much easier to get injured now.

Over my last training cycle because I trained like I was 25 with no stretching and no strength training, I could feel my body getting tighter – and not in the toned fit kind of way, but in the OMG I have no flexibility kind of way. I totally learned that strength training and stretching are critical at this age, especially while returning to running.

If we were having coffee….

I would tell you…. that I’m thinking about blogging more consistently here on Mom on the Run. Can you believe that I’ve had this domain name since 2004! I blew away the old content as it wasn’t much about running, but more of a personal journal while I tried to deal with post partum depression. I do enjoy having an outlet to talk about all things running – to talk about the running things my family just doesn’t understand. I am kind of stuck though between deciding if this should be solely a personal running journal, or an informative blog about running through your 40’s, 50’s and beyond. Perhaps it can be a little of both? Either way I know I have all of you guys to talk running with even if my family doesn’t appreciate it :).

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