There used to be a time when every Sunday I would separate myself from my family, take my laptop somewhere quiet and type up a recap and plan of my fitness/exercise/running for my blog.

During that time I was at the fittest I had ever been in my life. If someone said to me:

“Hey! Let’s run a half marathon next weekend…”

I could.

I could just do that – I wouldn’t need to train because I was already fit. I ran half marathons, I ran a marathon, I even completed a half Iron Man! Boy was I fit!

Then, at some point I realized that no one had any interest in reading my recaps, so I got away from writing them. While I was completely right that no one was interested, what I didn’t realize when I stopped was that those recaps posts had been motivating ME to be active. They kept ME accountable.

It’s been several years since I shared a fitness recap post, but it’s time for me to start doing this again. I see how much happier I am (and how much more pleasant I am to be around) when I’m active on a regular basis. I can also focus better at work, I get more done in general, I sleep better, and well, the list of benefits from being active goes on and on.

So here I am, sharing my first recap post in years.

This is what my week looked like:

  • Tuesday: Ran 5.5k with J before work (avg. pace: 7:36/km)
  • Thursday: Ran 7k with J before work (avg. pace: 7:21/km)
  • Saturday: Ran 5k by myself before breakfast (avg. pace: 7:13/km)

The Nike Run Club app even gave me an achievement award:

Thanks Nike, I’m hoping to go for a run in the morning to make it 4 runs this week!

Next week’s plan:

  • Monday: 10 min core workout
  • Tuesday: Run 5 or 6k
  • Wednesday: 10 min core workout
  • Thursday: Run 5 or 6k
  • Friday: 10 min core workout
  • Saturday: Kettlebell workout
  • Sunday: Rest

So there you have it folks, my first recap and plan post in years. I really need this accountability to get fit again (I want to be fit by my 45th birthday next summer). Fitby45 aside, I also know how important being active is to my overall mental health, so I’m looking forward to sharing a recap and another plan with you next week – stay tuned!

Question: Do you share a plan and a recap for your fitness too?
If so, I would love to follow your journey!

Written by Mom on the Run
I work, I run, I have three daughters. Coffee keep me going until it's wine time. Running keeps me sane.