The other night I was scrolling through either Pinterest, Facebook or Bloglovin, or someplace (I don’t really know where I saw it) but I came across a neat little Runbet challenge from Run, Eat, Repeat.  

Hmmmmmm…. that sounds interesting!

The Bet

I’ve really been struggling with motivation lately so I didn’t hesitate to place my $40 bet.  There’s something so inspiring about having money in the game, isn’t there?

The Run

So here’s where it gets hard.  I have to run for 30 minutes at least 4x every week from November 5th to December 2nd. EEEEK!

So I set my alarm this morning to get up and run.  Only instead of running I cuddled the cat for an hour. Cuddles always win.

So then I packed my running gear and brought it to work with the plan to run for 30 minutes on my lunch:

Mom on the Run: Runbet week 1 run 1

I did it! Week 1, run 1 done!

It was pretty hard to motivate myself to leave my desk at noon.  It was cool and rainy out, and I REALLY hate running in the rain, but I hate losing money more 😉  So I put my gear on and headed out. Knowing that I didn’t have a distance that I had to make, just a time goal, made the run easier.  I didn’t pay attention to pace (as you can see), so I took it slow and enjoyed it.  After nearly a month of NOT running it felt nice.  

My plan for this bet is to run Monday, Tuesday, take Wednesday off, then run Thursday, Friday. 

So… will I win?  Well I’m determined not to lose my money, so stay tuned!

Question:  Have you ever participated in a Runbet or Dietbet before?

Written by Mom on the Run
I work, I run, I have three daughters. Coffee keep me going until it's wine time. Running keeps me sane.