So 2020 has been an absolute clusterf-k, a lot of bad things have happened that I won’t get into here, though some good things have also happened. For the purposes of this blog, I’d like to focus only on the positive. The most notable good thing is that I am now working from home everyday, so I no longer need to commute for nearly an hour every morning, and an hour in the afternoon. I’m totally in love with having more time!!!

With no commute, I’m happy to share that I started running again!!

I started in March with very slow, short runs, aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes four times a week. Since March, I’ve slowly become a bit faster, and have built up some endurance up, which has been good for my general fitness. So far this year I’ve run over 700km. Now that I’ve gotten into a bit of a routine, and have built a cardiovascular base, I want to start focusing on becoming really fit.

Back to planning and being accountable

There used to be a time when I would log into my old blog every Sunday afternoon and type up a recap of last week’s fitness activities, and share my fitness plan for the next week. That blog never did become a popular blog because let’s face it, fitness recaps are boring AF, but gosh darn it the sharing and planning made me accountable, and I WAS REALLY FIT!

Thinking back to those days, the accountability of planning my workouts, doing the workouts, then sharing them at the end of the week is what helped me to get fit – I completed several half marathons, a few marathons, took on some triathlons, and even completed a Half Iron Man!

Last week’s activities

So while fitness recaps are boring AF, I don’t really care anymore, and I’m going back to oversharing my fitness because it works for keeping me accountable and helps me to reach my fitness goals.


Ran with J before work – we went a bit longer than usual so that I could hit my November running mileage goal of 115km.


Took a rest day – aka it was too darn cold and J let me know that she was opting for an indoor workout instead of our usual outdoor crossfit workout at her house. I’m going to have to come up with my own workout plan to replace our crossfit workouts. Perhaps Fitness Blender workouts or Bodypump Youtube workouts, or perhaps a mixture of both.


I tossed and turned all Tuesday night and somehow during the night I managed to strain my neck. It was very painful, so this time it was my turn to cancel on J. It was like an extremely mild case of whiplash that gradually got better throughout the day.


Thursdays are usually a crossfit day with J, but my neck was still tender. I was full on into feeling sorry for myself and really couldn’t bring myself to workout, even though it felt well enough by that evening.


Crazy early (6 am) run with J, A, and B. I was still grumpy from not working out Tuesday-Thursday, so I hung back from the group and wallowed in my own negativity. I like the group runs because the group keeps me going, but I can drop back and not chit chat if I don’t feel like it. As usual, I felt much better after our run.


Long run Saturday. We wore our festive Santa hats and received a lot of honks and waves from folks around town. We even ran into the big guy himself, Santa! He saw us running, pulled over, jumped out of his vehicle and ran 100 meters down the street with us. It was completely coincidental.

Sorry for the instagram embed – I’m experimenting with the best ways to share my fitness. Do I upload a photo? Embed from Instagram? Do I share every single workout to Instagram, then share them on this ol’ blog? Is that annoying?

(EDIT: Personally I like the look of the photo posted directly into my blog post instead of the instagram embed better, so I may stick with that.)


Completed Day 1 of the FB 20 Challenge. I felt good after completing Option 1, so I also completed Option 2.

This week’s plan

  1. Strength: I signed up for Fitness Blender’s 20 Challenge. It’s a two week, workout everyday for 20 minutes challenge. It’ll be a nice way to help me become consistent with my strength training.
  2. Running: Continue running 4x/week M,W,F with a longer run on Saturday.
  3. Nutrition: Nothing drastic here, I’m going to start small by focusing on filling and drinking my Large Yeti Rambler 3x/day.

Do you share a plan and a recap for your fitness too?
If so, I would love to follow your journey!

Written by Mom on the Run
I work, I run, I have three daughters. Coffee keep me going until it's wine time. Running keeps me sane.