Another year is almost over, so it’s time to set some goals for next year!

2018 was overall a good year, but my mind struggled. I battled anxiety, self doubt and procrastination. I bounced between overeating and being a sloth, to over exercising and barely eating. It was emotionally draining.

2019 Goals

Last year my emotions were largely reactive to situations I was in (mostly work situations). I let things that I cannot control shake me to my core. As I’ve move up in my position at work, there have been more and more difficult conversations, and situations that I have had to navigate through gingerly. The stakes are higher, the pressure is higher. I’ve felt anxious and I’ve done a lot of emotional eating to deal with the stress. It’s been tough to focus on running because I’ve felt a lack of confidence. I need to get better at managing my reactions to those situations.

This year my goals are to:

  1. Work on my mental toughness & emotional intelligence
  2. Use running to deal with stress
  3. Use strength training to improve my self confidence
  4. Focus on eating healthy

Of course goals also need plans:

  1. Begin using an anxiety journal to help soothe stress,reduce worry, identify negative thought-cycles, and provide me with techniques to combat anxiety.
  2. Follow my half marathon training plan for the Chilly Half Marathon, then find another plan to follow afterwards.
  3. Join a gym – or begin doing body weight workouts at home.
  4. Try to eat 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Part of me is already excited about going back to work so I get into a routine with these no plans and habits right away!

Question:  What are your goals and plans for 2019?

Written by Mom on the Run
I work, I run, I have three daughters. Coffee keep me going until it's wine time. Running keeps me sane.